Who is AccuMedic?

Under the license of Health Canada MDALL & MDEL since 2018, Accumedic Systems Inc. is proudly registered as a medical device manufacturer and distributor. Serving customers from coast to coast, Accumedic Systems Inc. is 100% Canadian-owned and operated. Founded by a group of highly skilled entrepreneurs,  the company’s owners and staff hold a unique set of skills that makes us one of a kind in this market. The combined knowledge of our Biomedical Engineers, Pharmacist, and experienced Medical Device Salesman enables us to bring new and innovative ideas that propel the Canadian healthcare field forward.

Besides being a manufacturer and distributor Accumedic Systems Inc. is a strategic partner in the middle east region to NewPong Co.ltd. A leading manufacturer in the field of aesthetics. With our extensive experience in the region, we work as consultants in supporting our partners in 15 countries in the MENA Region. We provide a full-suite solution that would compete with global well known names in the aesthetic field.

As a company, we develop and distribute unique and highly accurate devices to address some of the most important healthcare issues faced by medical practitioners, healthcare providers, and consumers.

Our drive is the well-being of Canadians; our mission is to keep on pushing forward to bring revolutionary devices currently unavailable in this market. Thus, supporting Canadians in their battle against illnesses.